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Our mission is to work with businesses to develop innovative carbon management strategies that measure, mitigate and offset carbon footprints through a range of socio economic and carbon reduction projects that address all the key areas of carbon management.

Environmental Audits

The first step to any carbon management process, we provide full end to end assessments and carbon foot printing for small and large organisations.

Fuel Efficient Stoves

Providing fuel efficient stoves for rural communities delivering clean cooking methods, reducing dependence on wood fuel.

Carbon Busters

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives focus on validated projects that deliver results at the highest levels.

Conservation Support

Working with local NGOs providing on the ground support to conservation projects promoting development and protection of endangered species.

UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our Gold Standard Projects make quantifiable contributions to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s)

Safe Water

A basic human right and yet still not a given. We deliver safe water projects and maintenance support in conjunction with NGOs and local communities.

Forestry Management

High impact projects to protect the precious rainforests through avoided deforestation using community training and raising awareness.

CSR Projects

Further enhancing our Gold standard programmes we have a portfolio of CSR projects that ensure positive change to local communities

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Developing and supporting a wide range of gold standard and verified carbon CSR projects throughout the developing world…

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A full end to end service offering including carbon management, environmental audits, guidance and advice…

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Invest in our portfolio of emission reduction projects to offset the environmental impact of your organisation…