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We provide full end to end environmental auditing, carbon foot-printing and life cycle assessments for small and large organisations. This represents the first step in the carbon management process and is used to identify the key sources of emissions and potential areas of savings. We offer a range of different audits to fit your company’s needs that comply with the following internationally recognised standards:

Greenhouse Gas Protocol
Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard 2011
PAS 2060: 2010
Specification for the demonstration of carbon neutrality
PAS 2050: 2011
Specification for the assessment of the life cycle greenhouse gas emissions of goods and services

Carbon offsetting is an important component of the global environmental strategy to reduce carbon emissions but is also recognised for its potential to deliver extensive benefits beyond carbon. This was reinforced by the Paris Agreement which highlighted the importance of market-based mechanisms such as carbon offsetting to combat climate change.

One of the key pillars of effective carbon management is reporting and reducing your carbon footprint. Reduction actions can range from engaging staff to raise awareness of the impact of behavioural change and setting up green teams, to reviewing technology and infrastructure improvements. Promoting and reporting on the actions that you take as a business to reduce your carbon emissions, along with your other environmental improvements, is a great way to demonstrate your environmental commitment. Through reporting in a clear and transparent manner and showing your positive impacts you can benefit from being one of the leaders in your sector on environmental matters.

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